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"Got the phaser today...sounds great! i've finally ended my phaser search. thanks for the killer deal." - Jeff / Portland, OR........  "Played it and tested it and it sounds great!  Also the finish looks awesome, but very hard to capture the awesomeness on photo!  Thanks for a great pedal!" - Kristof / Belgium........  "I love your phaser man the pedal is great!" - Cory / Garwood, NJ........  "Your FUZZ-O and OTHER PEDALS are KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks sooo much!" - Jeffery and Ready Set Go / Toluca Lake, CA........ "[LEVELER] It's fricking GREAT!!! Works as advertised and not only solves the problem, but does it extremely effectively.  An instant keeper!  For the rest of you, it's simply a must have. I hope Duane sells thousands of these. He deserves the biz for coming up with this." - Jon / Northern CA........ 

Pfeiffer Phaser Guitar Pedal


The rich phaser tone of the Pfeiffer Phaser is quickly becoming a favorite among guitarists around the world.


This phaser guitar effect pedal is modeled after the MXR Phase 90, probably the most popular four stage phaser of all time. The design uses four carefully matched JFET N-Channel transistors and TL071 op-amps to create its signature sound. With the modifications below, it is capable of both the block and script phaser sounds.

Two modifications have been made to the original phaser effect.  First, in order to gain more control of the sweep and have both script and block phaser capabilities, we added a depth knob. When the depth knob is fully clockwise, you have a script phaser, all other positions are different variations of a block phaser. The second modification is the addition of the feedback knob. This knob controls how much of the output signal is fed back into the input path. This creates a more pronounced phaser effect and makes this guitar effect pedal more versatile.


  • Depth The depth knob controls the depth of the effect. When the depth knob is fully clockwise, you have a script phaser, all other positions are different variations of a block phaser..

  • Rate controls the oscillation speed.

  • Feedback enables extremely pronounced phaser sounds. It does this by sending the 4th stage of the phase shifter signal back into the 1st stage. This knob is what sets the Pfeiffer Phaser apart from other phaser effects. Experiment with different combinations of feedback and depth to discover some very unique tones.

  • ByPass engages the pedal on/off.


This pedal has true bypass using a 3PDT heavy duty stomp switch. Powered by a -9VDC, negative post adaptor (not included), or battery.

All Pfeiffer pedals are hand-wired and finished with attractive laser printed lettering sealed in a polymer coating.

Two year warranty.

Dimensions: 125B enclosure (4.7" x 2.5" x 1.5")

$119.00 In Stock

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