Digital Delay Fuzz-O Leveler Volume Phaser Screamer
Pfeiffer Electronic Guitar Effect Pedals
"Got the phaser today...sounds great! i've finally ended my phaser search. thanks for the killer deal." - Jeff / Portland, OR........  "Played it and tested it and it sounds great!  Also the finish looks awesome, but very hard to capture the awesomeness on photo!  Thanks for a great pedal!" - Kristof / Belgium........  "I love your phaser man the pedal is great!" - Cory / Garwood, NJ........  "Your FUZZ-O and OTHER PEDALS are KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks sooo much!" - Jeffery and Ready Set Go / Toluca Lake, CA........ "[LEVELER] It's fricking GREAT!!! Works as advertised and not only solves the problem, but does it extremely effectively.  An instant keeper!  For the rest of you, it's simply a must have. I hope Duane sells thousands of these. He deserves the biz for coming up with this." - Jon / Northern CA........ 

About Pfeiffer Electronics

Pfeiffer Guitar Pedals Rock!

Yes... I'm wearing a House Of Blues Shirt; ...Blues Brothers On A Mission From God... I'm Jake.

It all started one Christmas day when my son wanted to reproduce the Jimi Hendrix sound on his guitar.  After doing some research on the internet, I discovered that a device called an Octavia is a key ingredient if you want to reproduce the Hendrix sound.  However, I was surprised to learn how expensive a Roger Mayer Octavia was, so I started looking for alternatives.  I found a wealth of information on the internet and I ordered a kit.

I had found my passion at last.  That first Tychobrahe Octavia build was very successful indeed.  This pedal sounded so much better than anything I had purchased in my thirty years of playing guitar.  I couldn't think about anything else.  I spent many blissful days experimenting with different components and devising ways to paint and decorate my creations.  And from that first build the FUZZ-O was born.

It didn't take long until I found myself with too many guitar pedals and no place to put them.  So I started PFEIFFER ELECTRONICS.  Now I can share my passion for music and pedal building with you.  I am confident that you will enjoy playing your guitar like never before with a genuine PFEIFFER guitar effect.  After all, that's what happened to me.

Every PFEIFFER ELECTRONICS guitar effect pedal is carefully built and tested here in Tillamook, Oregon and is backed with a two year warranty.  No pedal leaves here until I've personally tested it.

Duane Pfeiffer,

Musician & Effect Pedal Builder